Recent science delivers report after report in support of generations of the well-known health benefits discovered by the world’s many thermic bathing traditions.

From Finnish Sauna to the Yucatan’s Temazcal traditions – a wide swath of sweat practices we like to call thermaculture. The science also confirms the more radical claims of cold or cryotherapy – particularly in direct conjunction with the various forms of thermaculture.

As the science catches up to the well-known health benefits and the popularity grows, Stokeyard Outfitters rolls ahead bringing magical sauna experiences to society, and the wild. 

Stokeyard Outfitters is dedicated to sharing the health benefits of thermaculture. We partner with other industry experts to provide onsite and offsite experiences for individuals, groups and events.

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“Minnesota is blowing up with the revival of sauna culture, especially among 20 and 30-somethings… “


“A recent 20-year study of Finnish men suggests that frequent saunas may help them live longer, with improved blood vessel function and lower blood pressure. The new study, in the Journal of the American Medical Association/Internal Medicine also linked longer sessions with fewer deaths from heart attacks, strokes and various heart-related conditions.”

“Thanks to Minnesota’s strong Finnish roots, saunas are a familiar north woods tradition. But entrepreneur John Pederson aims to make it a regular part of city life…”