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Stokeyard Outfitters is at the center of the Urban Sauna Revival in Minnesota, sharing products and programs that make the transformative benefits of Thermaculture available to all. 

As we emerge from the last 6 weeks of shelter-in-place, and gradually adjust to an entirely new normal, we have decided to temporarily close our Sauna Village and Hewing Hotel locations and focus on sales and rentals of our expanding options in mobile Sauna and canvas Sauna tents. We also work with a variety of build contractors and designers that can make your in-home or backyard Sauna a reality in 2020.

sales & Rentals

From light-weight camping solutions to customized backyard builds, we try and test it all to offer a line of the very best-performing sauna solutions available. 


Stokeyard Outfitters partners with wellness facilities to offer special events and programming that introduce the health benefits and best practices of thermic hygiene through Sauna and cold soaks.  

Stokeyard Outfitters presents Voyageur Saunas’ May Special

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