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Thermaculture to the People.

the Thermaculture Experience 

Stokeyard’s guided Thermaculture sessions at the Hewing Hotel Rooftop Lounge feature a unique blend of guided sauna steam aromatherapy, meditation with essential oils, breathwork, and cold soak rounds designed for deep relaxation that will leave you energized, refreshed and appreciating the therapeutic power of fire and ice.  

Thermaculture Passport

The Stokeyard Outfitters’ Thermaculture Passport is your gateway to the Thermaculture Club, and savings. When you purchase a $250 Passport, you get $300 of reservations – good for all Thermaculture programming at the Hewing Hotel rooftop lounge. What’s even more valuable, is that as a Thermaculture Passport holder, you’ll get early access to all of our offerings PLUS special offerings JUST for you.

“There is a radical hospitality about a Thermaculture experience. You at once feel like you are a part of a family, a tradition, and a community – but at the same time, you are never more perfectly alone, one, and at peace with your best self.”
– Teke O’Reilly

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