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Important Guidelines

Fire Safety

Never leave the tent unattended with an active fire. Burn only clean firewood and ensure the chimney is properly connected and sealed. Use only proper sauna rocks in your rockhopper. Do not use plastic furniture or bring otherwise flammable items into the sauna tent or near your stove. Do NOT touch stove at any point while there is an active fire / at least an hour after it has gone out.

First Use Stove Seasoning

The first time you use your stove,assemble and fire it up OUTSIDE of the tent. The first heat will burn off any chemicals from the new metal and help warp the metal into a tighter final fit. Make sure it gets hot, then let the stove cool down completely before setting up inside the tent.

Stove Safety

Be sure to follow proper seasoning instructions before first use. Your stove is made of lightweight and strong stainless steel. It will get extremely hot and should never be touched with an active fire. The door handle itself may become very hot to the touch, so use the poker or fireproof gloves when refilling firewood. Be moderate with water usage, wetting only the rocks as too much direct contact with the stove could cause warping over time.

Placement Considerations

Ensure your Tent is setup on flat ground, at least 6 feet away from buildings or other flammable objects. If there are high winds, use sandbags or the included tent stakes to secure to the ground. Never light the stove if you are unsure about the stability of either tent or stove. Do not light the stove if the chimney is not properly installed.

Sauna Tent FAQs

What about sauna rocks?

Ensure that you use appropriate sauna rocks. Improper rocks may overheat and split. You will need around 25lbs of rocks to fill the rock cage. We recommend Finnish Sauna Stones from Superior Sauna.

What should I use for seating?

Choose any mobile & easy to assemble wooden benches. Do not use plastic or fabric chairs that may overheat. Do not place any seating within 2ft of the Stove. An easy option for a 4ft bench can be found on Amazon.

What about flooring?

You can set up without flooring anywhere you might set up a grill, but be sure nothing flammable, including dry grass is underneath. Pavement, on your deck, or the grass is all fine. Just keep in mind, whatever's below the stove could melt or set fire. Do not use standard tarp beneath the stove. If you want a nice wood build, try untreated 6x8' fence panels.

Can I leave the tent up for extended periods?

We recommend collapsing the tent and storing after each use. However, if you do leave it up for a weekend, keep the vent panels open to ensure proper airflow and moisture minimization. The roof will handle rain and snow, but heavy snowfall should be cleaned off to avoid overloading the roof.

How do I clean my setup?

Tent: Wash with gentle soap and warm water.

Stove: Wipe down with a wet cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners.

Only clean these products when not in use, never while a fire is burning or stove is still hot.

Other Inquiries

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