Sauna Solutions




Mobile Sauna Rental 

Stokeyard Outfitters maintains and deploys a growing fleet of the wood-fired mobile saunas around the Twin Cities Metro Area. Each unit is equipped with a Kuuma Stove for deep, radiant heat  – and a soft, clean steam.

For those looking for a truly off-the-grid experience, our Sauna Tents can be packed, assembled, and enjoyed nearly anywhere. 

Stokeyard Outfitters’ mobile pods feature sauna-building best practices on a sturdy mobile framework making the full mental, physical, and social experience available anywhere.

All of our Saunas are heated by a wood-burning Kuuma stove for deep radiant heat.

The 7’x12′ trailer easily lowers to the ground for improved safety and comfort. Contact us for pricing and availability:

Sauna Tent Rental

Stokeyard Outfitters is the North American distributor of the Snow Trekker Sauna Tents, available for rental or purchase for backyard sauna enthusiasts, extreme outdoor adventure, and glampers alike.  

The tent made of a 7 oz, hi thread count, tight weave canvas and tent-within-a-tent design  provides enables the hot room to dry out between rounds avoiding the “went tent” feel of most sauna tents. The hot room canvas provides a crisp clean feel every round.

Premium Materials: The tent made of a 7 oz, hi thread count, tight weave canvas that’s treated with a marine grade, preshrunk Sunforger for water repellency and mildew resistance.

High Temps: The tent-within-a-tent hot room design provides extra insulation for comfortable steaming in the coldest of Minnesota’s winters.

Easy Steam: No truck, no tools, no permit. Easy steaming in less than 20 minutes—and, the 8×10 foot footprint fits easily in my tiny backyard.

Anywhere Access: All you need is 8’x10′ of space to enjoy a steamy happy hour in your own backyard.

Contact us for pricing and availability