Sauna Rental



Turn your backyard into your private Wellness Retreat or book benchtime at our new Uptown office location.

Mobile Sauna Rental

Stokeyard Outfitters maintains and deploys a growing fleet of the wood-fired mobile saunas for rent in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area and throughout Minnesota. Each unit is equipped with a Kuuma Stove for deep, radiant heat – and a soft, clean steam. 

Email us for pricing and availability: thermaculture@stokeyard.com 



How much does it cost?

Our sauna units are available for weekly (7 night) rentals for $1200.  

I would like to know more about the mobile sauna and quality of heat I can expect.
Stokeyard Outfitters’ mobile pods are manufactured by Voyageur Custom Saunas with our best practice customizations to ensure the full mental, physical, and social experience available anywhere. All of our Saunas are heated by a wood-burning Kuuma stove for deep radiant heat. The 7’x12′ trailer easily lowers to the ground for improved safety and comfort.
How are you adapting this service to ensure a safe environment during COVID?

Safety has always been a top priority at Stokeyard Outfitters. In light of Covid-19, we have implemented stringent protocols for regularly cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Before each delivery, the sauna will be completely cleaned and disinfected with an EPA-registered disinfectant.
  • Our delivery team and guides are temperature tested prior to arriving at work and wear masks at all times.
  • We are closely working with our wellness professional partners to ensure that they are following CDC Cleaning Guidelines.

All Stokeyard Outfitters customers are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines:

  • Only use the sauna with those in your family or household
    Sit on a towel during your sauna session
  • Observe social distancing by spacing your rounds in the hot room
  • Thoroughly wash your hands prior to your session
  • Please pre-tip when booking, or tip digitally on the day of your tour using Venmo (no cash tips).

*Please note that these policies will be changing on a periodic basis to comply with the most recent CDC Guidelines and local community guidance.

I'm new to sauna. How do I do it?

A typical sauna session is comprised of 3-5 rounds of balanced hot/cold exposure. Each round consists of 10 – 20 mins in the hot room followed by a cool-off period of approximately equal or greater length outside the sauna.

The exact amount of time in the hot room or outside cooling down depends on how long it takes your body to respond to the heat. When you sit in a 180 degree sauna, your body starts circulating blood to cool itself down. By breathing calmly and relaxing into the heat, you increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and the body’s ability bring your internal temperature into a more comfortable homeostasis. However, once the steam is added to the rocks the temperature often becomes more than we can naturally regulate. Breathing and listening to your body will help you decide when it’s reached its comfort zone. It’s important to listen and not push too much, which gives your body a chance to respond to the intensity of the environment in a calm non-fight-or-flight state. Breath and enjoy—it should always feel great! 


How many people can I accommodate with my rental?
The mobile sauna seats 4 -5  in the hot room and the sauna tent seats 2 – 3. However, you can accomdate a group of 2×3 that size with either option because people will be rotating in and out of the hot room in 10 -15 intervals for cool-down rounds. Please note that as a precaution during COVID, customers should only use the sauna with members of their household. 
Are there any restrictions on who should use a sauna?
Please consult your doctor before using the sauna and/or ice baths—especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and require waiver sign-off from their parent/guardian before using the sauna. Infants and toddlers should not use the sauna, even with parental supervision. Women who are pregnant or on their moon should not use the sauna or ice baths.

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