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provides services that deliver authentic thermic bathing experiences virtually anywhere. From sauna builds and rentals to guided group sessions at unique venues around town, we’re bringing sublime Thermaculture experiences to a backyards, rooftops and festivals near you.

Thermaculture Thursdays 


Stokeyard’s Thursday and Sunday Thermaculture sessions at the Hewing Hotel Rooftop Lounge feature thermic bathing best practices designed for maximum mental and physical benefit. 

Join our team of wellness professionals and co-hosts for a gentle guided sauna steam aromatherapy and cold soak experience complemented by light breathwork techniques that activate parasympathetic thermoregulation (ie the ability to respond to intense environments without triggering fight-or-flight neurochemicals such as adrenaline).    

These group sessions are designed to trigger the deep state of energized relaxation and clarity at the heart of thermic bathing traditions around the world. 

Sessions consist of 3 rounds. Each round is comprised of a 10 – 15 minutes of  sauna steam aromatherapy and guided breathwork followed by a 20 minute cool-down. 

During the cool-down rounds, guests have the opportunity to use the cold plunges, rehydrate, socialize, and enjoy a spectacular view of the Minneapolis skyline from the hot pool. 

Bathing suit required. Towels provided. Flip-flops, bath robe & water bottle recommended.

Sunday Rooftop Reset 

German Aufguss 

Thermaculture Passport

The Stokeyard Outfitters’ Thermaculture Passport is your gateway to the Thermaculture Club, and savings. 

What is Thermaculture?

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sauna where you wanna with our full line of mobile, backyard and tent sauna solutions. Stokeyard Outfitters is committed to bringing you the very best thermic bathing solution for your space and budget. 

As the science catches up to the well known health benefits of Thermaculture and the popularity grows, Stokeyard Outfitters rolls ahead bringing magical Sauna experiences your way.

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