Thermaculture Thursday

5:30 – 7:30 @Hewing Hotel 


Recent science delivers report after report in support of generations of the well-known health benefits discovered by the world’s many thermic bathing traditions. From Finnish Sauna to the Yucatan’s Temazcal traditions – a wide swath of sweat practices we like to call thermaculture.

Join us every Thursday at Hewing Hotel for a weekly dose of thermaculture at its finest. Arrive on-time to join the group for three guided sauna rounds or show up fashionably late to reverse-cycle with the group for some solo sauna time before the the Rooftop Steam Social Hour from 6:30 – 7:30.   

What to know…

* Sauna Meister on hand to ensure optimal sauna conditions to provide guests access to the full mental, physical and social benefits of their thermic bathing experience.

* Cold plunge – for full hot/cold conditioning 

* Locker room and showers available. Towels provided. 

* Bathing suits mandatory

* Flip flops recommended for cool-down and soaking rounds

* Access to Rooftop Bar and Lounge (ask upon checkin if you’d like to pre-order your meal or drinks post sauna session).

* Must be 21 years of age or older to be on the rooftop.

Co-host Schedule

December  5, 2019
with Minnesota Power Yoga 

Join Minnesota Power Yoga as we dive deeper into meditation, inquiry, and heat at the rooftop sauna at the Hewing Hotel. 

You will experience guided sauna sessions incorporating meditation and/or essential oils that will open you up to new possibility in your life. 

Learn how the practices of meditation and essential oils can be used to impact your senses, your physical body, and your life. 

In between and after the sessions, you will have the opportunity to cool off in the spa pool, try and buy essential oils, grab a drink with friends, and enjoy a spectacular view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Scroll down to the registration section to register for Nov 7 with MN Power Yoga. 

December 12, 2019
with Emma Sievers and BA.Women 

Take a networking event, sprinkle some extra creative freedom on top, a profusion of forward mindsets, and top it off with a heavy dose of thinking outside of the box — and you have the epitome of a BA.Women Experience. Since 2018 BA.Women has been hosting massive conferences in the Twin Cities, bringing together 300+ badass idea-rich women and partnering with local brands for intimate events.  This community is full of women unapologetically succeeding, supporting and empowering other women to become the best versions of themselves. Join Founder Emma Sievers on the bench to learn what her and her BA crew are up to this winter. 

Learn more about Emma and the BA.Woman project at:

** Scroll down to the registration section to register for Nov 14 with Emma and BA.Woman ** 

Venue information: Hewing Hotel

A few years ago soon-to-be Hewing Hotel co-owner Tim Dixon showed up in our backyard for a sauna night. We remember it clearly because he brought the firewood — a truckload of it.

We had an epic sauna session at The Firehouse that contributed to his conviction to put a sauna on the rooftop of the hotel and he
asked us to help him bring it to life once it got going.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with the hotel ever since to create a custom offering of sauna and thermaculture sessions designed to utilize the hotel’s unique rooftop stadium-style sauna, which is designed to host groups of 20+ for traditional thermic therapies such as Finnish Vihta Whisking and the guided German sauna steam and aromatherapy sessions known as Aufguss.     


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