The quest for the ultimate mobile sauna continues. 

Last winter we built a custom mobile sauna for Omar Ansari (Owner of Surly Brewing). The Surly Sauna was a collaboration with AWH Architects and Restoration Carpentry. This winter we’ve teamed up with Glenn Auerbach of Sauna Times and mobile manufacturing expert Eric Bongard of Custom Mobile Saunas to apply our collective experience to a new design that makes an authentic sauna experience more available than ever before.  

The StokeYard Sauna is powered by a wood-burning Kuuma stove for deep radiant heat.  

The new design features a custom trailer and welding by Eric Bongard of Custom Mobile Saunas.    

There are a lot of ways to have a good sauna experience, fewer ways to have great sauna, and fewer yet to have an EXCELLENT experience. There’s no formula, but there are considerations and details that will stack the deck in your favor.

Our deck starts with the quality of Eric Bongard’s standard sauna shell unit. 

The StokeYard Sauna features sauna building best practices in a custom-built mobile framework that makes the full mental, physical and social benefits of an authentic sauna experience available anywhere.

The 7’x12′ trailer easily lowers to the ground for improved safety and comfort.

The StokeYard model enhancements includes:

  • Redesigned transition zones for balanced comfort between hot and cold cycles
  • Premium bench upgrade for improved comfort and safety for 5 – 6 users
  • Upgrade componentry (windows, doors, benches, bonfire decking)

Cost: $19,000 – $21,000

To learn more and get your StokeYard mobile sauna in the production queue, contact us…  

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