We launched Sauna Society Outfitters to bring the wellness benefits of steam bathing to life throughout urban America with trainings, events and product development.

This month we’re kicking off a new project in collaboration with Sauna Times and Custom Mobile Saunas: building the best mobile sauna on the market

Join us at Bauhaus Brew Labs Saturday January 5 for a sneak peak and warm-up toast to team work and winter traditions that bring us together.

What to know: Important notes for guests
  • What to bring: If you plan to use the sauna bring your bathing suit, flip flops, water bottle and 2 towels, one to sit on inside the sauna and one to use. Also consider bringing a bathrobe or a sweat suit and some shoes to wear outside of the sauna area. The walkable outside area is cold during winter. 
  • What not to bring: outside food or beverages
  • Please also remember the Sauna Society Code: Sauna is a safe place for everyone. All guests will be held to the highest standards of respect, inclusiveness, and courtesy. The health benefits of Sauna run in every direction. One’s personal mental health, comfort, and security are every bit as important as the tremendous physical benefits of Sauna. Please always keep front of mind that you are in a shared environment, always aware, and always respectful of the feelings and boundaries of others.

In addition to reservable sauna sessions in our new mobile sauna prototype, Gerhard’s Brats and Nice Mug will also be on-hand with brats and drinking mugs made entirely of ice. How cool is that?!

Just look for the steam coming out of the mobile sauna and stop in to warm-up with some fire and ice!