Sauna Society Builders monthly take-over of Hewing Hotel’s rooftop Sauna space invites guests to enjoy the elemental approach to wellness that has made Sauna an everyday luxury and necessity throughout the northern latitudes with a scenic tour of best practices from steam bathing cultures around the world.

8:00 – 10 PM 

German Aufguss Steam Treatments

with John Pederson  

The German word “aufguss” means to reach a limit by applying water. Germans use the word to refer to a traditional steam treatment where a trained “Sauna Meisters” creates an intense yet soft heat with special “steam recipes,” consisting of water-pouring and steam-throwing techniques with essential oil aromatherpy crafted to increase circulation by activating the body’s thermoregulatory system.

Aufguss guided steam treatments are a staple at German Spas and Community Saunas where many guests plan benchtime based on the schedules of their favorite steam-making Meisters.

9 pm – Midnight

Sauna Steam & Open Swim Afterglow Party
Lifeguard on duty: Butaca (aka Paul Frett)

Butaca (aka Paul Frett) is the co-founder and curator of Dance Church Minneapolis. Inspired by Gabrielle Roth and the 5 Rhythms, he sees music as a journey that matches the waves of emotions; from stillness to chaos to joy and back again.

Bring a few pals (and your bathing suit) or come solo and meet fellow steamers on the bench. Towels, löyly sauna steam essential oils and refreshments will be provided. The full rooftop bar and menu will also be available for guests who want to stay to enjoy a full dinner after their steam rounds. 

  • Steam & Open Swim Afterglow Party only (9 p.m. – Midnight) – $15
  •  Including Aufguss Steam Therapy Session (8:00 – 10) – $35

The Full Moon Medley is a tribute to the traditions we love and the music it takes to keep them alive in such a noisy world!

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time steamer, you’ll walk away with some tips, connections and resources to get more of the physical, mental and social benefits of your next steam bathing experience.