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 Perched in the clouds on a volcano in Maui, Welcome to the Stokeyard Sauna Village…




It Takes a Village
to Feel this Good

Gathering around a roaring fire, plunging into an ice pool, activating your nervous and circulatory system, sweating out toxins while enjoying nature and good company is the hallmark of any authentic thermic bathing experience.

The Stokeyard Sauna Village in upcountry Maui is a mobile wellness residency that offers traditional thermic bathing experiences in a powerful natural setting. 

Residency Venue:
Chambers Outlook and Millworks
Kula, Maui

At Stokeyard Outfitters we are obsessed with sharing sublime sauna experiences, which means finding the most awe-inspiring settings to compliment your sauna high. 

Chambers Outlook and Millworks offers breathtaking sunset views between sauna rounds and refreshing high altitude temps. 

We are stoked to provide programming that brings community and authentic Thermaculture to such a stunning venue in nature. 

Coming February 2021

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