“As a busy dad and business development professional, I’m motivated to make wellness an every-day experience for our families and society at large…” 

Rodney joined the build team for The Forge mobile sauna in 2016 after building many saunas of his own. In July 2017 Rodney and John Pederson created and built an ambitious original mobile sauna design with AWH Architects for Omar Ansari, owner of Surly Brewing Company.

He co-founded SSB later that year as a platform to build partnerships, programming, services and infrastructure to share the authentic Sauna experience.

As a business development professional for East View Companies, Rod’s work with SSB  focuses on increasing the impact of programs and partnerships.

He has two children in college and lives in the Tangle Town neighborhood of Minneapolis with his wife.  His dog Vancouver is often by his side.

With formal education in International Business at Georgetown and Entrepreneurship at Louisville, SSB provides him an opportunity to contribute his passion for business growth in a way that aligns with his love of building and entrepreneurship.