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Custom Sauna Builds

From custom architectural builds to mobile masterpieces, let our team of sauna experts ensure you get the very best sauna for your space and budget.

With rising awareness of the many health benefits, more people than ever are making regular sauna and ice baths a part of their wellness lifestyle. With rising demand, there’s also more options than ever when it comes to products and providers.

We’ve found that people often talk direct to contractors, dealers and builders and get shoehorned into the solution they are most familiar with or incentivized to sell. With over a decade of sauna building and maintenance experience, we’ve worked on a wide variety of projects. We understand quality and can ensure you get it.

Our aim is help you devise a design and build plan that takes best practices into account and is customized to your space, budget, and use.

We will save you money without compromising on the best heat and experience possible, or your money back.

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