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Victoria Tan Metal Planter

Victoria Tan Metal Planter

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Make your home look more lively and inviting with faux plants housed on this Black and Beige Cane Webb Metal Planter. Decorating your space with artificial plants placed in this stylish metal planter will add a modern touch to your interior. The intricate weaving details in soft beige and white finish paired with a metal stand in raven black make the whole piece look super elegant and classy. While the metal stand ensures stability, its 100% metal build speaks for its durability to last for many years. When housed with faux plants and foliage, this sophisticated metal planter will brighten up your space, inducing an airy ambiance. 16 in. x 9.84 in. x 9.84 in.

Made of high quality materials
Designs to fit in your mood
Attractive decor for your hamble home
Will added life to your existing home decor

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