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Snowtrekker Sauna Tent

Snowtrekker Sauna Tent

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Combining the quality of construction and innovative design you have come to expect from these iconic local brands, Snowtrekker and Stormy Kromer have teamed up to create a true sauna experience in a portable design you can take anywhere. 

  • Constructed of 2 layers of Snowtrekker's custom breathable tent fabric for heat retention capability. 

  • Vented design for optimal stove combustion and fresh air exchange. 

  • The base of the tent, and the sod cloth are constructed of 9.5 oz pyrocell which is a coated polyester fabric that protects the tent from ground moisture when the sauna is set up for extended periods of time.  The full coverage rain fly is also constructed with 9.5 oz pyrocell.  Pyrocell is flame retardant, 100% waterproof, and has extremely high UV resistance to protect your sauna when it is set up for extended periods of time.

  • Comfortable seating for 4-6 people seated or 2 people laying on benches.

  • Includes the Sauna Tent, Fly and 3-way unions. Poles sold separately. This tent is designed to use common heavy duty metal conduit for poles, which you can purchase from us or from any hardware store to save on shipping (email us at for more info on purchasing poles yourself). 

Experience a true sauna experience without the high cost of a cabin built sauna. This tent assembles in 15 minutes and requires 2 people.

Rentals now available!
Test a Snotrekker in your next trip or backyard. 
Click here to learn more and reserve your backyard steam staycation today! 

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