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11 .5 in. Wood Multicolored Unthemed Centerpiece

11 .5 in. Wood Multicolored Unthemed Centerpiece

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This is a replica of a European Demonstrational Armillary Sphere. It was used to measure the relationships of the objects in the sky. Each piece is made of finely crafted brass. It consists of a set of graduated rings representing circles on the celestial sphere. The brass sphere at the center of the armillary represents the Earth. The rims are marked in. A PARIS Chez G. Gobille a P Ache Royalle. in. It features a rich antique finish that does not tarnish or show fingerprints. The heavy solid brass base is mounted on turned solid hardwood, and the bottom is covered with felt. Its a great addition to any nautical collection. The item dimensions are: L: 7 inches, W: 7 inches, H: 11.5.

7 in. x 7 in. x 11.5 in. armillary sphere on wood base
Exquisite look and ideal decoration
Can easily accommodate any style or color scheme
Visually stunning and elegant

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