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24 in. W x 18 in D. x 34 in. H Bath Vanity Cabinet Shelf and Top with Ceramic Basin

24 in. W x 18 in D. x 34 in. H Bath Vanity Cabinet Shelf and Top with Ceramic Basin

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With modern and simple-lined style, this practical bathroom vanity is a great furniture for your bathroom with limited space. Considering the space and aesthetics, this bathroom vanity is promoted to market in two Morandi colors, white and gray. These two low saturation colors have an aura of high class and bring a tranquil atmosphere to your bathroom. And the Morandi colors expand the space visually as well. Water-resistant materials of this product ensure the duration and comfort of usage, The spacious cabinet and open bottom shelf are the perfect place for put your towels and bathroom essentials. You can keep the half-moon shaped sink shinning effortlessly since the ceramic is smooth and easy to clean. This bathroom vanity is a best choice for your bathroom, it offers multiple function and beautiful shape at the same time. It's beyond your expectation.

1. Solid wood frame and MDF board
2. Ample storage space
3. Morandi decor style
¡ïModern and Simplicity Design With the simple flowing lines and a little bit pastoral element, this bathroom vanity reflects the original nature style in bathroom. Such a modern sleek design makes complicated things very simply to allow this bathroom vanity to be a practical furniture and pleasing to your eyes at the same time. This bathroom vanity comes in Morandi colors to fit for a variety of bathroom style.
¡ïSemilune Ceramic Sink The elegant white ceramic sink with rounded basin is equipped with an integrated overflow and three hole faucet mount. Half-moon shaped design ceramic sink extends boundary almost to the edge to make a large sink. Ceramic is so easy to clean that you can keep it smooth and shinning effortlessly.
¡ïSolid Wood Frame Construction This bathroom vanity is made of birch wooden frame and MDF board, and the material of door hinges is stainless steel. These materials are all water-resistant and suitable for humid environment, that will allow longevity of this bathroom vanity lasts long. The round knobs are manufactured with zinc alloy, and the matte finish presents a high-end texture and makes a smooth feeling.
¡ïAmple Storage Space This simple and practical design freestanding bathroom vanity features a cabinet and an open style shelf for storing bathroom essentials. Both the cabinet and the open bottom shelf are spacious, and both offer enough space to most necessities used in bathroom. With a hollow-out design MDF board, the open bottom shelf is a perfect place to accommodate bath towels or some daily chemicals such as shampoos.
¡ïEasy Assembly & Dimensions This modern and simple style bathroom vanity has easy assembly steps to allow you install it by yourself. The instruction manual shipped with the products offers the procedure for installation. Take account of safety, the ceramic sink is individually packaged for shipping, in other words, there are TWO parcels for this bathroom vanity. The diameter of the middle hole faucet is 35mm, and the other two is 25mm. Please make sure that you chose the right size faucet.

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