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74 in. Animatronic Cowboy Zombie

74 in. Animatronic Cowboy Zombie

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Beware of Colt from Haunted Hill's Premiere Halloween collection. The ranch life was never enough for Colt the Cowboy Zombie. This Halloween, he's leaving the wild west for a particularly special feast. As Colt gallivants through the night, his mouth glows orange and moves when he speaks. His eyes flash a fearsome red, warning guests of his dark intentions. Colt's cowboy hat, crimson sash, and coat aren't enough to conceal his terrifying blue skin, rotting face, toothy mouth, and heartless gaze. Even in the light of day, Colt is sure to terrify visitors. As Halloween grows near, Colt is raring for a horrifying hunt. This won't be his first rodeo. Invite Colt to your home this holiday-- he promises not to disappoint. What do ya say, partner.

Beware of colt from haunted hill farm's premiere Halloween collection, the ranch life was never enough for colt the cowboy zombie, this Halloween, he's leaving the wild west for a particularly special feast
Life-size animatronic: poseable Halloween zombie is perfect for your indoor or (covered) outdoor decor, display your animated mad scientist decoration in a variety of different scary and evil ways at your next party
Multi-functional: creepy and spooky, this undead ghoul lights up, talks, and has motion, he will turn your home into a haunted house in no time, prop multiple ghostly creatures for an eery graveyard look
Touch activated: place your dead corpse figure at your front door or along your walkway to delight and frighten trick or treaters, activates by touch or from loud noises like wind or the screams of scared people passing by
Phrases spoken: l've crawled from my muddy grave to put you in yours, I felt worms boring holes into my body, now my bullets boring holes into yours
Brown and green faux burlap clothing with a cigarette
Poseable arms bend into a variety of petrifying positions
Figure can stand or hang to fit eerily into your Halloween decor
Plug in: adaptor: 110-Volt to 240-Volt UL adaptor motor: 4-Watt
Quick and easy stand assembly
Fabric: polyester, latex, and polypropylene
1-year limited warranty

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