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Humane Contain Rechargeable Multi-Function Radio Collar

Humane Contain Rechargeable Multi-Function Radio Collar

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Humane Contain Rechargeable Electronic Fence Collar works with the Model X-10 Electronic Dog Fence to provide state-of-the-art pet containment. It also has an on-board ultrasonic transmitter to control optional accessories including Power Pet fully automatic pet doors, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier Sonic Fences and Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad. No need for your dog to wear multiple collars. This one does it all. You can add as many RX-10 collars as you like to your Humane Contain X-10 Electronic Fence to contain any number of dogs. Whether you use the RX-10 for dog containment only or as the controller for a complete electronic pet care system, this collar brings you state-of-the art technology in an extremely slim, lightweight package designed for maximum pet comfort. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery never needs replacement. (Model CRX-10 charger sold separately). This collar is fully waterproof and packed with advanced features, including High Tech Pets proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus technology, waterproof audio speaker produces loud and clear progressive training tones for quicker boundary training. Built-in battery and stimulus tester. Dual radio receivers provide Omni-directional reception for consistent field width, regardless of the direction your dog is moving. Solid copper stimulus probes resist rust and corrosion and provide the best electrical conductivity.

For all dogs 5 lbs. and up. Strap is adjustable from 7 in. to 25 in.
Collar compares the signal from 2 separate radio receivers to detect the exact position of your pet eliminating false triggers and delivering consistent field width all along the boundary wire
Includes short and long hair probes
No cumbersome stimulus tool is required
Among the smallest radio collars made
Developed in conjunction with several of the nations leading animal behaviorists
Pulsed proportional stimulus system delivers static stimulus plus sound stimulus in short bursts that come faster as your pet approaches the boundary wire and lets your pet decide exactly how much stimulus is enough to initiate the retreat behavior
Extra loud training tones follow the stimulus pulse rate for a Pavlov type of enhanced boundary training resulting in shorter training time and a better trained dog
Compatible with High Tech Pet electronic fence models: HC-7000, HC-8000 and X-10
RX-10 Collar also Operates High Tech Pet Super Scram, Yard Barrier and Sound Barrier
RX-10 Collar also Operates High Tech Pet Super Scram, Yard Barrier and Sound Barrier

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