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Digital Night Vision Binoculars, Infrared Night Vision

Digital Night Vision Binoculars, Infrared Night Vision

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Whether you're hunting or just an observer, there's an entire world that only comes to life at night. But you can't see it without help. The HIKE CREW night vision binoculars offer top-of-the-line quality in the world of infrared night vision goggles. That can be used as hunting gear and military gear with 7 levels of brightness onboard, you can acclimate to whatever ambient light that is present. Be sure to keep HIKE CREW night vision binoculars in your bag.

High quality digital night vision monocular provides optical magnification and infrared illumination
Gain a clear picture up to 1400 ft. during daytime and 200 ft. at night time with 7-level brightness
High definition imaging allows you to observe target with amazing detail no matter conditions
Jumbo digital screen features a super simple interface with indicators
Excellent field of view for observing birds, deer, rabbits and other wildlife
Device runs on 8 standard Amp batteries
Energy-efficient model delivers up to 10-hours of continuous use
Set arrives with all the extra accessories you need to comfortably operate your monocular
Stay safely charged on long nature hikes and camping trips
Includes protective case, carry strap for safety, tripod thread for easy mounting

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