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Make sauna a more regular part of your life and save up to 35% per session with a 5 or 10 pass package.

Pass Packages

Sauna for wellness and fitness recovery

Recent studies correlate regular sauna usage with improved mental and cardiovascular health. Our 5 and 10 pass packages make regular sauna affordable. Register below and receive a pass code to book your discounted sessions—valid for any of our weekly offerings and/or special events. (View reservation calendar here.) 

Access to all locations

In addition to weekly reservation opportunities at Hewing Hotel’s rooftop sauna spa, pass holders also get access to special events at The Yard and pop-ups throughout Twin Cities. 

Pass Packages

Pick up a 5 or 10 Pass Package and enjoy discounted registration on your bookings.

* You will receive an email within 24 hours with your pass booking code. 

* Complimentary Stokeyard Sauna hat with purchase of 10 Pass Package


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Experience more even heat with a sauna hat

Sauna hats help practitioners heat up more evenly because the wool hat insulates the head helping it heat up more slowly and in pace with the rest of the body. Frequent sauna users utilize these hats to time their hot/cold rounds more sync with the body’s core temperature vs. the temp of your ears and head which heat up much faster because a.) have less mass and b.) sit higher in the sauna where they are exposed to higher temps than the rest of the body.

Our hats are made of wool and are intentionally long for more coverage of the neck, forehead and ears.


Stokeyard Sauna Hat $25