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Nordic-inspired Saunas hand-crafted in the North Woods of Minnesota

If you are considering a built-in, fixed or mobile sauna discuss your project with us.

The Washington family came to us looking for something they were not finding in the Sauna Marketplace: a modern Nordic Sauna with true North Woods sensibilities. 

The build partnership of Stokeyard Outfitters and BW Builders built the Washington’s a sauna that is elegant but not fancy, simple and handsome, affordable and built to last for generations. 



Drop Units

Stokeyard Outfitters and BW Builders have teamed together to craft the North Woods Nordic Sauna.

Whether a fixed build or mobile, electric or wood, inquire with us about our standard sauna build on wheels or a customized project build. Prices for a high-quality sauna experience start in the $10,000 zone.

Why choose Stokeyard for your sauna build?

1. Stokeyard has many custom sauna builds under its belt.

  1. Stokeyard has many custom sauna builds under its belt.
  2. Stokeyard emphasizes The Backyard Sauna Experience.
  3. The Backyard Sauna Experience starts with a well-designed hot room, dressing zone and thoughtfully considers the experience outside the hot room.
  4. Stokeyard not only brings great building experience to the equation but also nearly a decade of experience hosting sauna and creating the right Backyard Sauna Experience.
  5. Stokeyard will focus time and attention during our project work together on the experience outside the hot room, which includes cool down, socializing and communing with nature.

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