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New Moon Steam Medley  

7 – 9 pm monthly at Hewing Hotel


Stokeyard Outfitters hosts guided Steam Medley sauna sessions every new moon and full moon at the Hewing Hotel. The format of these sessions are based off the German Aufguss tradition where a host (or Saunameister) gradually increases the intensity of the experience by adding steam to the rocks.

The art of Aufguss is creating and distributing steam in a way that makes the steam soft and relaxing, as well as intense. The Steam Medley sessions also incorporate aspects of other thermic bathing practices such as ice bathing and Wim Hof inspired breathing techniques into the experience.

Program Information 

This guided portion of this session is comprised of 3 rounds. Each round is comprised of a 10 – 15 minute guided Aufguss sauna steam aromatherapy with essential oil infused steam followed by a 20 minute cool-down session.

During the cool-down rounds, you have the opportunity to use the cold plunge, rehydrate, sample essential oils, and and enjoy a spectacular view of the Minneapolis skyline from the pool.  

Please arrive by 7 p.m. The first guided Aufguss steam round will begin at 7:15. Each steam round is 10 – 15 min followed by a 20 minute cool-down. The session is comprised of 4 guided rounds. Must be 21 years of age or older to be on the rooftop. Locker room and showers available. Bathing suit required at all times. Flip flops recommended – cold water on site. Please rinse in the shower before using the sauna and/or pool. Please bring 2 towels for Hewing programs— 1 for your bench seat, another for drying. Sorry NO REFUNDS. Hewing Hotel program space is limited – 22 seats – and fills up fast. If you register for a spot, please be prepared to use it or lose it. The full rooftop bar and menu is available for guests to enjoy after their steam rounds. No outside food or beverages allowed at any time. 

More about Aufguss
Aufguss steam sessions are a German tradition that helps practitioners enjoy the full physiology of hot/cold conditioning through sauna. The intensity and softness of steam, aromatherapy and breathing cues help activate the thermoregulatory system to actively regulate the body’s temperature, which is as helpful for staying cool and comfy in the summer as it is to warming up in the winter. Guests will enjoy three guided sauna rounds with special “steam recipes,” consisting of water-pouring and steam-throwing techniques with essential oil aromatherapy crafted to increase circulation by activating the body’s thermoregulatory system.
Meet the Meister

John Pederson built his first mobile sauna – The FireHouse – in 2014 and was immediately struck by the hunger and passion it sparked in the hearts of Twin Citizens from all walks of life. From that little backyard club, John went on to work with Little Box Sauna, hosting 100s of sessions, peppered all over town in curious spots. And in 2016 he rallied this burgeoning community around a crowdfunding campaign to create The Forge mobile sauna, along with the 612 Sauna Society – the nation’s first Sauna Cooperative.

He founded Stokeyard Outfitters (formerly Sauna Society Builders) in 2017 with co-founder Rodney Buhrsmith as a platform to build partnerships, programming, products and services to bring the benefits of sauna and thermaculture to life throughout North America.

Full and New Moon Steam Medley Dates and Registration

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