De-tox, destress, Mindfully Move and Rejuvenate in the New Year.  

The sauna experience creates powerful warmth, expansion, introspection and detoxification, while a mindful movement component will create a transformative experience that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit. While the body is fully grounded warmed it’s a great time to practice the art of mindful movement. These phases of grounding, breath-control, stretching, mindful movement, and meditation/gratitude will be experienced both inside the hot sauna as well as outside the sauna/on the rooftop to really tap into the body’s inherent amazing ability to practice thermal regulation! You can expect to leave feeling de-stressed, energized yet relaxed, and a deeper connection to yourself and your sauna community.


Meet The Heat Series focusing on movement and inner alignment

(repeating schedule of Wednesdays 7-8pm)


Why hot sauna:
To destress, be present, mindfulness, community, fun, detox/sweat, thermal regulation, breathing, heat, body/mind/spirit, go deeper, connection to self and others.

Why movement workshop:
The sauna creates powerful warmth, expansion and introspection and adding mindful movement will create a transformative experience. While the body is fully grounded and warmed up, it’s a great time to practice the art of mindful movement coupled with the body’s inherent amazing ability to practice it’s thermal regulation!



Round 1: Warm-up and overview, in the hot sauna
Round 2: Grounding, posture, stability, strength; outside of the sauna… You will be led through foundations of strength and stability from the ground up and learn how to feel your body, while incorporating postural awareness. You will learn proper alignment and the three “physical locks” the gluteal muscles, core muscles and scapular stabilizer muscles, for postural stability and control. 

Round 3: 
Breathing, relaxing, seated mindful movement and gentle stretching; in the sauna… You will be guided through a relaxing yet energizing breathing technique that will bring a greater sense of being present in the moment and de-stress from the outside world. Seated mindful movement will focus on gentle and effective movmeents through the trunk, shoulders, and neck for improved sense of ease in muscles, decrease stress and tension, and improved blood flow.  
Round 4
Standing mindful movement, rhythmical, gentle, surrendering, exploring; outside of the sauna… This is an opportunity for rhythmical movement whle being guided head-to-toe with (while eyes are closed) to sense the movement. How does your body move and what is the mind/body connection? You can expect to entice endorphins, improve your mood and have fun! 
Round 5
Meditation/mindfulness, gratitude practice; in the sauna… Full-circle to a meditation and gratidue practice with aromatherapy and a forehead blessing (as accepted). Rejuvenate the soul and reconnect with one’s self.
Outside of sauna; share experience and enjoy pool-side afterglow hang-time.
The full rooftop bar and menu will also be available for guests who want to stay to enjoy a full dinner after their steam rounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time steamer, you’ll walk away with some tips, connections and resources to get more of the physical, mental and social benefits of your next steam bathing experience.

Space for this event will be limited to 22 spots.

Participant information
Participant Information
Meet your Host: Ashley LaBore

 Ashley has worked as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the outpatient setting since 2009, after graduating from The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Her expertise is on manual therapy, sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. Ashley’s passion for knowledge, advanced training, and additional expertise led to her continued education in the Maitland Australian approach to physical therapy, and she became a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) in 2015. Ashley also has garnered experience working with patients in transitional care, long-term care, memory care, and home-health care settings.

In April 2018, Ashley opened a private practice in Stillwater, Minnesota called Pure Strength Physical Therapy and Performance Training. She is co-owner with Suzy
Schaak, founder of Pure Yoga. They have developed a unique setting and experience for clients and patients, with a focus on individualized results-driven care in the realm of
rehabilitation, wellness, fitness and life-style guidance.
Ashley works with clients 1:1 daily at Pure Strength Physical Therapy and Performance Training as well as continues to stay connected to the adjoined Pure Yoga sister studio by way of teaching weekly classes such as Cardio Yoga classes and
Circuit training. Ashley also teaches Anatomy and Physiology for the 200-hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training Program multiple times a year at Pure Yoga. Ashley works as a physical therapy lab assistant/teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota for the Doctor of Physical therapy program. She has also been involved in speaking engagements, team trainings and community outreach lectures as well as creative
projects for improved health and wellness offerings at hotels and with small businesses.

What she values most about being a Physical Therapist is that it allows her the opportunity to listen, engage, and compassionately interact with patients, thereby
forging a trusting relationship. She believes that each person is unique and individual, and should be treated as such. Ashley is passionate about prevention of injury and preventative exercise and wellness and believes that one must address mind, body and spirit for optimal results. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside hiking and walking her dog,
bicycling, practicing yoga, and playing volleyball.