Sauna Rental



Stokeyard Outfitters Presents

Voyageur Saunas’ May Special

Create your own Sauna experience. May discounts on mobile sauna units and backyard builds.


Welcome to May, Sauna Lovers!

As all of us emerge from the last 6 weeks of shelter-in-place, and gradually adjust to an entirely new normal, we wanted to share a special offer that we hope will help increase everyone’s access to the tremendous health and wellness benefits of Sauna.

Stokeyard Outfitters and Voyageur Saunas (formerly Custom Mobile Saunas) are offering special discounted pricing on Voyageur’s flagship mobile units and drop-in backyard units. 

Stokeyard Outfitters is proud to feature Voyageur Saunas in our Sauna Village and mobile programming. For May and beyond we will offer our mobile Sauna pods for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. See website for pricing details.

Voyageur Saunas also offers a full suite of customization options, in-home and commercial installation, Kuuma wood stoves, Breeo smokeless fire pits, and the full line of TyloHelo electric stoves.


For estimates or to schedule an on-site consultation, please drop a note to info@stokeyard.com