Sauna Rental



Stokeyard Outfitters is at the center of the Urban Sauna Revival in Minnesota, providing mobile sauna rentals and consultation services that make the transformative benefits of Thermaculture available to all. 

 Due to COVID, we’ve temporarily closed Sauna Village and Hewing Hotel programs to offer mobile sauna rentals and consultation services for backyard, mobile and commercial builds.

Whether you’re interested in testing the waters with a mobile sauna rental or diving into your own build, Stokeyard Outfitters can provide the experience and tips you need to save money on the sauna solution that’s right for you.


Sauna Project Assessment

From high-end architectural builds to DIY mobile saunas, let our team of sauna experts ensure you get the very best experience for your space and budget.

Minnesota Sauna Rental

Stokeyard Outfitters maintains and deploys a growing fleet of wood-fired mobile saunas around the Twin Cities Metro Area.

services for commercial sauna spaces

We are proud to be the most experienced sauna hosting team in the country. Contact us to learn how we can help you re-open your sauna safely and successfully with professional operations and maintenance support.

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