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Hewing Hotel Rooftop Spa


Hewing Hotel Rooftop Spa
300 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401


Sep 26 2019


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm




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Thermaculture Thursday

Recent science delivers report after report in support of generations of the well-known health benefits discovered by the world’s many thermic bathing traditions. From Finnish Sauna to the Yucatan’s Temazcal traditions – a wide swath of sweat practices we like to call Thermaculture. The science also confirms the more radical claims of cold or cryotherapy – particularly in direct conjunction with the various forms of Thermaculture. A secret no more, but still The Truth.

Enjoy YOUR weekly dose of thermaculture at it’s finest. Come meet other enthusiasts between hot/cold rounds and learn a few tips to get the most out of your next thermic bathing experience.
Happier Hour co-hosted by Sauna Society Outfitters and local wellness expert program partners.

Upcoming co-host cameo schedule…

Thursday, July 11 with Nic Zahasky

Nic Zahasky – A life long gastronome and once corporate executive chef, Nic has launched, run and redeveloped restaurants and food-service programs in Nevada, California, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. He has cooked for many elite figures such as Madeline Albright, Micheal Pollan, Arun Gandhi, Wailin’ Jennys, the King and Queen of Norway and Five for Fighting, along with independent contracting for the bullet proof executive, Dave Asprey and the elite PrimalHacker, Thaddeus Owens!


In 2011, Nic retired from his executive chef role and ditched “the corporate lifestyle” to pursue a journey in self improvement, emotionally and physically leading to what he calls BEING|HUMAN|OPTIMIZATION|COACHING (and shortly after, training many others who sought him out). The study of self improvement through control of his environment, nutrition, and functional fitness. He began racing for the first time with this new-found energy, strength and passion, and began to consistently win national obstacle course races and competitions. Quickly becoming a public figure and personality for Paleo nutrition and ancestral health.In 2016 Nic designed and launched GAS-P, Gastronomic Paleo and Beguilement to bring more awareness and accessibility to ancestral nutrition, providing in home culinary and retreat experiences centered on local farm to fork, foraged and seasonal eating aligning with our genetics. Using biohacking ideology and cooking practices he calls the Low-Impact method to improve the quality of the food and it’s availability.There are four pinnacle pillars Nic believes each person can begin to implement independently then together to create massive life altering impact. The frame of BHOC is a study in optimizing our environment, resiliency, nutrition and movement. All Humans have a primal instinct which allows them to recognize patterns of behavior and movement, it’s his goal to help them tap this primal identity into BEING|HUMAN.

Thursday, July 18 with Sarah Zuber

Sarah Zuber (E-RYT, RYT-500, YACEP) is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Minneapolis. With more than a decade of dedicated practice and 6 years of teaching, Sarah is passionate about sharing the ancient teachings of yoga to promote well-being and presence this modern life. She seeks to bring herself and her clients to an awake and embodied way of being. Trained in a traditional Hatha practice she now specializes  in trauma informed yoga, using the grounding and awareness tools from yoga to support mind-body healing and teaches for The Emily Program (eating disorder treatment) and Terra Firma, a small women-owned trauma-focused yoga business. Sarah also teaches at Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center (Mendota Heights & Lakeville), Healing Elements (St. Paul), Art Heals (a expressive arts therapy private practice), and is starting a new collaboration with Soma Studios in NE Minneapolis. She teaches public classes (yin, nidra, hatha, vinyasa), works with individual clients, and offers trainings and workshops locally with specialities on body image, the science of breath, trauma & resilience, energetics, mindfulness meditation and more.


Sarah started loving sauna in fall of 2018 when the autumn chill started to settle in and has been loving it ever since. She uses it to practice the yogic concepts of “pratyahara”–turning the senses inward and “tapas”–burning enthusiasm–to support relaxation and release in the body and mind. To her, the sauna is a perfect sister to a mindfulness practice, giving the opportunity to notice physical sensation, thoughts and emotional responses to stimuli, and build tolerance for intensity. This tones not only the cardiovascular system, but the limbic system and nervous system which are involved in how the body responds to stress and trauma. The more we expand our own self-knowing–in the steam in this case–the more we can expand our own resilience to life’s ever-changing demands. Like yoga and meditation, sauna is an ancient practice that supports health and embodiment.Join Sarah for a special thermaculture practice that will integrate guided meditation and mindful movement–in and out of the heat. Sarah will guide a meditation during bench sessions to support noticing sensation and deepen the experience of sauna. During cool-down cycles join her for mindful movement to stay engaged with the body and open to deeper release. Let the heat transform you from within.Contact Sarah: @_embody_life

August 8 with Greta Ertl

Greta discovered Kundalina Yoga when she was 16 years old. After only a few classes, sharing it this with others her vocation. She’s been teaching every since. In 2010, she graduated from the 230-hour yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. and studied barre under Adrienne Fitzmaurice at Align Pilates in 2012. Her teaching style is dynamic, upbeat, and playful.  Her movement inspiration comes from dance, hula hooping, and Pilates while being rooted in yoga alignment and philosophy. Join her on your mat—or in the sauna—for sweaty sessions that will leave you feeling energized, positive and peaceful.

Come solo or meet fellow steamers an hotel guests on the bench!
Office hours run from 5 – 7 p.m. Guests can reserve a spot by registering here and plan on arriving anytime before 6 p.m.
Hosted experience (Sauna Meister on hand to ensure optimal sauna conditions that expose guests to the full mental, physical and social benefits of the thermic bathing experience.
Hewing Robes (only available during office hours), outdoor Yoga mats, and towels available for check out
Access to Cold Plunge – for full hot/cold conditioning
Access to Rooftop Bar and Lounge (ask upon checkin if you’d like to pre-order your meal or drinks post sauna session).

Must be 21 years of age or older to be on the rooftop.
Locker room and showers available.
Bathing suit mandatory (we aren’t in Finland)..
Flip flops recommended to enhance and prolong your outdoor, winter rooftop patio and lounge experience.
Please rinse in the shower before using the sauna and/or pool.
Please also remember the Sauna Society Code: Sauna is a safe place for everyone. All guests will be held to the highest standards of respect, inclusiveness, and courtesy. The health benefits of Sauna run in every direction. One’s personal mental health, comfort, and security are every bit as important as the tremendous physical benefits of Sauna. Please always keep front of mind that you are in a shared environment, always aware, and always respectful of the feelings and boundaries of others.




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