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Jul 09 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Aufguss is a German sauna tradition that is currently gaining popularity all over the sauna world in the United States. The word “Aufguss” can be translated with “infusion” and the verb “aufgiessen” means “pouring”. Essential part of the Aufguss experience is to pour water on the hot stones on the sauna oven and the word “Aufguss” describes simply that.
In many ways, German Aufguss is similar to traditional sauna but what stands out is that it is facilitated by an “Aufgussmeister” with a German accent – like Alex – who’ll guide participants gently through an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory wellbeing experience and the full physiology of hot/cold conditioning through sauna.

How it Works and What to Expect

For this event, Alex will facilitate 3 approximately 12-15 minutes long Aufguss sessions using water, a variety of essential oils and a towel while fully focusing on the guests’ well-being and relaxation.
Each session includes 3-4 rounds of pouring scented water on the stones. Participants need to do nothing more than deeply breathing in the beautiful smell of the carefully chosen essential oils. Each round the amount of water and the heat intensify throughout the ritual. By using different towel movements, Alex creates a burst of stimulating hot air in the sauna which is of great pleasure to the skin and helps the guests to let go, relax and deeply enjoy this one of a kind experience. Depending on which essential oils are used, the effect differs from uplifting and invigorating to calming and relaxing.

Health Benefits

The Aufguss ritual increases blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, boosts the immune system, relaxes the central nervous system and has a muscle-relaxing effect. It also improves mood and mental wellness, especially if combined with a pleasant fragrance. If you’re feeling stressed out or tired Aufguss sessions are a great way to shift your “mental state” to a higher level and reconnect with your inner core. Don’t think that’s possible? Experiencing is believing baby – we’ll see you on the bench!

About Alex

In addition to his professional career as a product & service designer, Alex Troitzsch is an advocate for life enrichment and enhancement through sauna and “German Aufguss”, a wellness and purification ritual which is performed in the sauna for maintaining good health, emotional balance, relaxation and overall happiness.
During a “German Aufguss” sauna steam session Alex pours water mixed with essential oils on the hot stones of the sauna stove. The water, containing particles of essential oil, then vaporizes once in contact with the stones and spreads throughout the sauna.
Alex then directs the hot and scented steam using different rhythmical towel techniques, creating a unique, intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience. This ritual is increasingly gaining a central position in the offer of sauna and wellness-packages and Alex’s personal mission is to enable every American to enjoy the Aufguss experience and making it mainstream in the US.


Alex is also a dedicated practitioner of breath work and meditation. In seeing how something as simple as breath could quickly affect his mood, thoughts and actions, Alex began to incorporate meditation related aspects into the sauna Aufguss rituals he offers. The practice is powerful and profound, and has shifted how he feels about himself and has affected many people close to him.“The Aufguss Experience had a tremendous impact on my life. Regular exercise strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, helps loosen up your muscles, boosts your mood and enhances overall quality of life. These empowering results helped me realize that so many people can benefit from this practice. I took advantage of the opportunity presented by the Sauna Society and joined the team to host ‘German Aufguss’ sessions as a Saunameister and instructor. I want to help people to enter a higher state for a short period of time by providing Aufguss and deep relaxation. Shared enthusiasm and satisfaction and the smiles on people’s faces after an Aufguss session are the greatest reward for me.”Most recently Alex started working on a coaching program integrating 4 pillars: personal development, mindfulness, intense physical experiences (aufguss sauna, cold exposure etc.), and design thinking.

Session info and considerations:

– To ensure optimal comfort and safety of our guests, space for these sessions is limited to 22.
– Please plan on arriving by 6:45 PM so we can start promptly at 7:00 PM.
– Please bring 2 towels, one to sit on inside the sauna and one to use. Also consider bringing a bathrobe or a sweat suit and some shoes to wear outside of the sauna area. The walkable outside area is cold during winter.
– Please rinse/shower before using the sauna and/or pool. There is a shower in each locker room as well as an outdoor shower on the rooftop patio.Guests will enjoy three guided Aufguss sessions with individual “steam recipes”.
– Be aware that it can get very hot on the top row during an Aufguss session. If you’re new to Aufguss, choose a spot on the lowest level.
– If the heat becomes too intense for you, change seats to the lowest level or sit on the floor. You can always leave the sauna, but try to challenge yourself to stay until the end.

A few other details:

– No refunds. Because space is so limited and most sessions thus far have waiting lists, we do not offer refunds.
– The Hewing Hotel does not allow anyone under 21 years of age on the rooftop. No exceptions.
The rooftop restaurant and bar menu will be available until 11:30.
– Bathing suit mandatory—we aren’t in Finland : /
– Flip flops recommended to enhance and prolong your outdoor, winter rooftop patio and lounge experience.
– Cold plunge included
– Lastly and most importantly, please remember that sauna is a safe place for EVERYONE. All guests will be held to the highest standards of respect, inclusiveness, and courtesy. The health benefits of Sauna run in every direction. One’s personal mental health, comfort, and security are every bit as important as the tremendous physical benefits of Sauna. Please always keep front of mind that you are in a shared environment, always aware, and always respectful of the feelings and boundaries of others.

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