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Welcome Sauna & Thermaculture Enthusiasts!

Stokeyard Outfitters is at the center of the Urban Sauna Revival in Minnesota, mobilizing the many health benefits of regular sauna sessions by creating peaceful, restorative Thermaculture experiences. Join us in 2020 as we expand our variety of services, programs, & locations. We hope to see you on the bench in the new decade!

The Sauna Village – Tangletown

Launching regular open hours, guided programming, & private events in 2019, The Sauna Village (formerly The Yard) is also a showroom for our growing fleet of Custom Mobile Sauna pods and SnowTrekker Tents. The southwest corner of 47th & Nicollet has quietly become the neighborhood’s center for wood-fired rejuvenation, ice bath chasers, quiet respite, all wrapped in a blanket of community.

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Hewing Hotel Rooftop & Pool

For over two years Stokeyard Outfitters has been leading a variety of programs at Hewing Hotel’s Rooftop Sauna. From Yoga to Silence, Meditation to Aufguss Steam & Aromatherapy Treatments – every week is a journey into rejuvenation techniques, both ancient and modern. All are welcome to explore.

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Mobile Sauna Pod & Tent Rental

Mobile Sauna Pod & Tent Rental 

Our fleet of wood-fired sauna pods are handmade locally by Custom Mobile Saunas, and our tents are handmade in Wisconsin by SnowTrekker –  both are available to rent for parties and events.  These state of the art mobile units can be delivered to your location, anywhere in a 100 mile radius. Setup and Guided Sauna Experience packages are also available.

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