From whence and to where

John Pederson and Rodney Buhrsmith created Stokeyard Outfitters in 2017 with the intention of multiplying the options for public sauna access across the Twin Cities and beyond. Pederson and Buhrsmith met during the formation of the 612 Sauna Society – John as Founder, Rodney as the Cooperative’s first President. In 2018, commissioned by Surly Brewing’s Omar Ansari to design/build a hand-crafted mobile Sauna, they formed Stokeyard Outfitters to address the growing demand for quality experiences, a set of experiences they like to call Thermaculture.

Our first Sauna outfitting project for Omar Ansari, owner of Surly Brewing, a collaboration with AWH Architects and Restoration Carpentry.  

 In 2019, the duo partnered with Custom Mobile Saunas and Saunatimes.com to create The Yard, while building up their weekly programming at the Hewing Hotel Rooftop Sauna & Pool. 

 In the winter of 2020, Stokeyard Outfitters introduced The Sauna Village on the Southwest corner of Nicollet and 47th. Currently outfitted with two mobile Saunas, changing rooms, warming shelter, cold soaks, and splash baths. Open Village hours are W, F, Sat – 5-8:30 PM & Sun 11AM-2:30PM. 

Also showcased at Sauna Village are Rent.Solar disaster relief mobile solar generators, and Snow Trekker sauna tents. All mobile units are available for delivery to private events, and the Village is available for a full event takeover, or guided Sauna retreats. Click here for more information.