Recent science delivers report after report in support of generations of the well-known health benefits discovered by the world’s many thermic bathing traditions.

From Finnish Sauna to the Yucatan’s Temazcal traditions – a wide swath of sweat practices we like to call thermaculture. The science also confirms the more radical claims of cold or cryotherapy – particularly in direct conjunction with the various forms of thermaculture. 

As the science catches up to the well-known health benefits and the popularity grows, Stokeyard Outfitters rolls ahead bringing magical sauna experiences to society, and the wild.

  Stokeyard Outfitters is dedicated to sharing the health benefits of thermic bathing by helping people create, understand and enjoy quality sauna spaces. 

We partner with other industry experts to provide mobile sauna solutions and programming designed to unlock the therapeutic potential of the spaces we help create.

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About Us 

John Pederson built his first mobile sauna – The FireHouse – in 2014 and was immediately struck by the hunger and passion it sparked in the hearts of Twin Citizens from all walks of life. From that little backyard club, John went on to work with Little Box Sauna, hosting 100s of sessions, peppered all over town in curious spots. And in 2016 he rallied this burgeoning community around a crowdfunding campaign to create The Forge mobile sauna, along with the 612 Sauna Society – the nation’s first Sauna Cooperative.

Now, with Stokeyard Outfitters John has partnered with entrepreneur and business development professional Rodney Buhrsmith. 

Rodney joined the build team for The Forge mobile sauna in 2016 after building many saunas of his own and in July 2017 Rod and John took on an ambitious original mobile sauna design/build project with AWH Architects for Omar Ansari, owner of Surly Brewing Company.

 John and Rodney co-founded Stokeyard Outfitters (originally Sauna Society Builders) later that year as a platform to build partnerships, programming, products and services to bring the benefits of sauna and thermaculture to life throughout North America.  

As the science catches up to the well-known health benefits and the popularity grows, John, Rodney and all the Stokeyard partners roll ahead bringing magical Sauna experiences to Society, and the wild.